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Greece economy is recovering. Many new, attractive business opportunities come up. This means that entrepreneurs and foreign companies are interested to start business in Greece. Though, like in all markets, business development from abroad is quite difficult. Therefore a strong, local team is required taking care of all aspects of your business locally. With OpportunityGreece we support you with a complete range of business services in Greece.
Cooperating with OpportunityGreece you establish a permanent presence in Greece. Additionally you have a local team which can setup and develop your business securing success and profitability.

Local at international standards

For being successful in a market you have to consider on local particularities. With our business services in Greece we offer localisation of business activities at international standards. Many members of our team are experts who are seated in Greece today, but have worked in international organizations in the past. So with the business services of OpportunityGreece you benefit from a professional communication and support. At the same time you minimize risks of doing business in a foreign market.

Market analysis & market reports Greece

Before entering the Greek market you will want to know the outlook and barriers in the Greek market. Therefore our business services in Greece include detailed market analysis and market reports in the field of your business interests. We analyse current market situation, identify main competitors and evaluate for you the prospects of your business in Greece.

Business in Greece requires high-profile networking

Expertise is always important. Also very important are personal contacts and a high-level network are the keys for your business in Greece. At OpportunityGreece a key of our services is our high-profile business network. This means we open for you the right doors in Greece. Through personal contacts we connect you with the key players in your business area. Through our network we are able to unlock significant business potential and to minimize the development time of your business in Greece.

Your business entity in Greece

At some point you want to setup or or to acquire your legal business entity in Greece. Our business services include the establishment of new business entities, the acquisition of existing ones and the management. We take care about all aspects of operation, legal, tax and accounting. For setting up your business entity we have a wide network of specialists all relevant fields. With our business services in Greece you save time, but more important you can rely on a professional setup and operation of your legal entity.

Management & operation of businesses in Greece

Our business services in Greece are not limited to setting up new businesses in Greece. At OpportunityGreece we have the manpower to manage and to operate your business long-term. Whenever needed we manage the research, evaluation and hiring of local staff.

Strategic development of your business

What makes us really special at OpportunityGreece?
Our business services in Greece are not just supportive. At OpportunityGreece we have the expertise to develop and to boost your business strategically. We identify opportunities and generate added-value with innovative business ideas taking your business activities in Greece to the next level!


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