Business services Greece

At OpportunityGreece we support companies who are interested to enter the Greek market or to establish an international hub in Greece.
For your business development in Greece we support you with a one-stop-solution:

Market research & market reports

For your market entry in Greece we carry out market research and collect relevant market data in your business sector.

Business strategy & business plan

We support our customers to adopt their business strategy to the characteristics of the Greek market and to develop an overall business plan for their business in Greece.

Office space

We overtake the research and identification of office space according to your requirements..

Legal setup

We manage the establishment of a suitable legal entitiy, opening of bank accounts etc. for your business in Greece.

Marketing & Branding

We help new businesses in Greece in their marketing and branding in the Greek market and to create a strong presentation for their business development.

Partnerships & cooperations

Taking advantage of our business network we support you in the development of partnerships and cooperations with key players in the market.

Local management & operation

Our business services in Greece are not limited to setting up new businesses in Greece. At OpportunityGreece we have the manpower to manage and to operate your business long-term. Whenever needed we manage the research, evaluation and hiring of local staff.

Strategic development of your business

What makes us really special at OpportunityGreece?
Our business services in Greece are not just supportive. At OpportunityGreece we have the expertise to develop and to boost your business strategically. We identify opportunities and generate added-value with innovative business ideas taking your business activities in Greece to the next level!


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