Investor Services Greece

Investor services Greece

At OpportunityGreece we provide a complete range of investor services. Cooperating with us you get the best team for exploiting investment opportunities in Greece. We support international investors in all phases of their business activities in Greece, securing their business interests in the best possible way.

Screening & sourcing of investment opportunities

At OpportunityGreece we continuously screen investment proposals and select the most promising ones. Our focus is on projects, which have potential for further development and significant increase of value after the aquisition. This way we achieve good prospects for high return on your investment.
Vice versa we support investors with our investor services in Greece in sourcing of investment opportunities in specific areas of interest.  

Subsidies – Development law

The Greek government offers strong incentives for direct investments in Greece, which can reach up to 75% on the total amount of investment. At OpportunityGreece we overtake for our customers the application for subsidies and support them in the management and paper work.

Due diligence of investment opportunities

As investor in Greece you don’t want surprises. Our investor services in Greece include due diligence at international standards. Our due diligence service refers to screening and validation of all legal and financial aspects of the investment, minimizing this way your financial risks. We cooperate for this with lawyers and accountants specialised in the specific business area.

Investment development concepts

At OpportunityGreece our main focus is to identify investment opportunities with hidden value. Opportunities whose potential is not exploited yet. For this projects we elaborate innovative development strategies, which can unlock hidden potential. With the expertise of Axis Blueschild and experience of hundreds of international business development projects, we are able to design completely new business concepts, to upgrade management and marketing performance, to define new revenue sources and to optimise costs.

Business plans

For investment projects we elaborate analytic business plans with financial scenarios, cash flow and profit projections and estimation of the key indicators. With our business plan you are able to secure equity from banks and partners.

Negotiations of investment opportunities in Greece

We value your time. We support or even manage with sellers on your behalf negotiations up to the point, where a real win-win agreement is on the table and all formal preparations are completed.

Acquisition process

With our team of experienced economist, accountants, lawyers and notaries and in cooperation with the banks and government services we prepare and execute the complete acquisition process.


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