Georgios Ntallas

Development Law & Subsidies

Georgios was born in 1960 in Ekkara Domokos, Fthiotis and is a Graduate of the Department of Business Organization and Management of ASOEE. and AIESEC.
Professionally, he has been the CFO in Private Companies and since 1994 dealing with Private Investments as a Consultant and Consultant of the current Development Laws (1892/90, 2601/98, 3299/04, 3908/11 and 4399).
In addition, he has managed studies in the Rural Development Program for the Processing of Primary Production with participation in the implementation and until the final collection of the aids.
Georgios has prepared and participated in many subsidized studies and in the Preparation of Business Plans of Regions (Master Plan, Promotion of Tourism Products of Regions, etc.).