Investments in Tourism

Investments in Greek tourism

For Greece tourism investments are an all-time classic. Tourism is one of the major industries in Greece and the business always evolving. There are many opportunities for new investments in Greek tourism. Beyond new hotel construction, there are many hotels which need renovation and upgrading. Other very interesting investment opportunities are in tourism infrastructure (marinas) and development of special tourism services like golf, wellness, medical tourism a.o. As member of Axis Blueschild Group we closely cooperate with Tourism Power Greece. TPG is a business facilitator in tourism business development in Greece and supports conception, marketing and operation of tourism businesses in Greece.

Innovation in tourism investment projects

For a high performance of investments in Greek tourism projects a holistic approach is the key. At OpportunityGreece we have the expertise to support not only the investment as such, but to combine it with international partnerships in marketing and promotion and to organise the operation of tourism businesses in Greece.

Investment opportunities in Greek tourism sector

Hotels: new construction and refurbishing
Beside the high-volume destinations like Crete, Rhodes, Corfu there are many tourism destinations in Greece with high business potential for construction of new hotels or upgrading of existing ones.
A huge benefit for hotel investments in Greece is the high expertise of local architects, designers and construction companies, which are providing services at world class level.

City break tourism
Athens, Thessaloniki, Herakleion, Ioannina are some cities in Greece highly attractive for city break tourism. They combine great gastronomy, shopping, cultural spots and entertainment at highest level. This tourism segment is growing but still at the very beginning. Greece is not within the top European destinations when it comes to weekend trips. It provides to tourism operators great

Medical tourism
When we refer to medical tourism in Greece we are not talking about patients from abroad who travel to Greece for a heart surgery. Greece is a great destination for combining specific treatments with holidays. Some good examples are rehabilitation therapies, eye laser and thermal water treatments.

Sports tourism
In sports there are many businesses with high business potential. One example is golf. Greece has ideal climate conditions to enjoy golf almost all around the year, but not the facilities high-level golf players are expecting for choosing a destination.