Ioannis Antonakis

Transition & Harmonization Specialist

For more than 10 years Ioannis has actively participated in transitions of 4 country based companies to SSCs. With a bachelor degree from the university of Athens in Economics, a Master in Law and Economics from the university of Piraeus and a Green belt in Lean Six Sigma he has full understanding of the framework of the financial processes. The DMAIC analysis of those procceses and the project management required for the stabilization, optimization and harmonization of them is part of this daily routine.
He started his career as a credit controller in the biggest retail company of Greece and then he moved abroad to work as a financial accountant and a process excellence expert for metering and pharmaceutical multinational companies.
Ioannis brings the experience of the local, as well as, the global market and standards. With strong analytical and problem solving skills Ioannis is the expert for acquisition and transition projects.