Luxury Properties
& Real estate services

Properties beyond mainstream

Investors look for luxury properties in Greece in mainstream locations like the southern suburbs of Attica and island like Mykonos and Santorini.
These are beautiful locations, but Greece has many more dream destinations to offer.
At OpportunityGreece we are focused sourcing luxury properties in Greece in locations which are not discovered yet and on properties which offer prospects for high growth of value within the next years.
Greece with its thousands of islands and exciting locations in the mainland is good for unique real estate opportunities.

Sourcing and acquisition of luxury properties in Greece

At Opportunity Greece we source luxury properties in Greece beyond our portfolio. For this we take into consideration the specific requirements of our customers. With our sourcing services you save time checking hundreds of luxury properties, which in the end are not meeting your preferences.
Having found your dream property we manage the complete purchase process and all formalities for you.

Property reconstruction & maintenance services

With our team of leading architects, interior designers and construction teams, we manage reconstruction works and take care that properties are meeting all wishes of our customers, even the most specials one.
We also take care about your property regarding repairs and maintenance.

Turn-key construction

Build your own house in Greece! If you prefer, we can find a unique plot and support you to build a house of your dreams.
Greece has architects, interior designer and construction companies of world class. At OpportunityGreece we support construction of new buildings and cover turn-key solutions including permits, design and construction plans, construction works and furnishing.


In case you don´t want to use your property all the time, we manage for you the renting and monitoring, so that your property creates a steady financial return.


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